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Adoption Law

We understand that your adoption is the only one that matters to you. We provide prospective parents and birth parents with skilled representation and knowledgeable legal counsel as they seek to adopt or place their children. You can trust us to ensure that your rights are fully protected from beginning to end. [READ MORE]

Family Law

Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support and Domestic Violence cases can be very difficult, and require and experienced lawyer to help you navigate through the legal complexities. [READ MORE]

Estate Law

You have provided for your loved ones. But what will happen when you are no longer able to make decisions to provide for them? You cannot afford to make any assumptions regarding your family's long-term financial security. At the Lafayette Law Office, we will assist you in planning for the future. [READ MORE]

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is an alternative resolution mechanism for disputes. Collaborative law is often applied in the family law context; however, it has many applications in other areas of law such as commercial and general business litigation, as well as contract disputes. [READ MORE]

Criminal Law

At the Lafayette Law Office, we represent clients who have been charged with a variety of misdemeanor crimes. We provide aggressive legal service and personal attention that protects our clients' rights. We are dedicated to providing a high level of service and helping our clients to understand the potential consequences they face and the options that they have. [READ MORE]

Traffic Law

In Maryland, traffic offenses are divided into two categories. Non-incarcerable offenses are those not punishable by a jail sentence, such as most speeding violations. Incarcerable offenses can be punished with jail time. One of the most commonly prosecuted offenses is driving under the influence. [READ MORE]

Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury involves civil law cases where you are trying to obtain compensation for an injury you sustained to your person. Personal Injury falls under tort law. A tort is a civil wrong recognized by law as grounds for a lawsuit. [READ MORE]


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